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  1. Hey, don;’t know why my last post didn’t show up correctly but anyway.

    I played the new alpha. Looks much better.

    Will you add the ability to do a barrel role?
    Will the player be able to move up and down?

    1. Answering in order:

      I’m still working on it, but yes, I plan to allow seamless, orbit-to-ground landing and takeoff of planets. Only for those of shuttle class or lower, though, as ships larger than that would waste fuel by landing due to the atmospheric problems of moving something that large.

      Shuttles and the smaller classes of ships will have a Freelancer-esque control scheme; they rotate via the mouse, can fly in all dimensions, and are fast. Ships above Shuttles cannot move vertically. They’re locked into the local space’s flat plane, and play like a space shooter without a Z dimension would. They’re slower, and only some have weapons that point at the direction they are facing. These larger ships use turrets and targeting. The advantage to shuttle and smaller classes is they can do damage directly to the hull of a larger craft by flying inside their shields; the offset is that one or two hits from a turret will blow them up.

      ^This is what I’m currently working on. I’d say I’ve got the systems 30% complete at the moment.

  2. Hello, I tried out Alpha v1b01sb002.

    I looks much better then the previous one.

    Here are some questions I have:
    Will you be able to land on planets?
    Will you be able to fly vertically, up and down?

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