So, before I head off to school this morning, I just wanted to post something.

Except now that I’m in the blogspot interface, I can’t remember what.

Oh yeah! It’s highly likely that heavy development of FotP will not begin until summer starts for me, a time when I will have (hopefully) unlimited amounts of time! That’s only 7 Mondays away. Either way, a classmate and I are currently creating a game called GlueWheast for chemistry, and as such, my game dev’ing time is taken up by that. The assignment is due in 2 weeks though, so don’t worry about it cutting into FotP. Either way, it’s great coding practice for me, gives me a break from FotP, and I’m also training myself to use the ClassGUI system. You’d think that since I created it, I’d automatically know how to use it; wrong on all accounts! I have created many breakthrough systems inside spurts of insomnia and deliriousness! None of which I knew how to use until I tried truly implementing them into a game, of course.

Enough rambling, stay tuned!