• FOTP is now Starstorm (4/14/2021) I’ve decided to rename Flight of the Precursors to Starstorm. It sounds much cooler and fits my company’s Storm theme.
  • FOTP Hyperspace Window Jumping (3/28/2021)
  • Blender, Day 4: Perseid Cruiser (4/23/2020) Getting a lot better with Blender, here’s my first actual render and fully UV mapped model using the program. The Perseid Cruiser!
  • Blender, Day 3, and Perseids (4/19/2020) Day 3: More ships, same line, Perseids are now a race from Gamma Persei. Getting a lot more used to Blender, more beatdowns of the internals have helped.
  • This is an interesting bug… how the hell (3/24/2020)
  • FOTP: Time To Roll Out The Big Guns (10/25/2019) Previously the turrets in FOTP were generally quite small, as turrets go. Things like dual beam arrays, or single pulse cannons, or even flak defense guns. No longer. It’s time…
  • FOTP: Smol Shipping Vessels (10/20/2019) Introducing the Shipping Vessel’s younger cousin, the Smol Shipping Vessel! (name pending)
  • FOTP: Precursor Mothership (10/15/2019) As the previous post said the Precursor ships are receiving a makeover. The Mothership is by no means left out of this, as you can see here. This makeover comes…
  • FOTP: Precursor Cruiser (10/14/2019) This is the Precursor Cruiser. Its old version was previously on the FOTP page. It has received a huge makeover and the other Precursor ships will be following suit soon.
  • FOTP: Zeus Science Vessel Update (10/11/2019) The Zeus Science Vessel has been updated to match the other Terran military ships.

Ships and Screenshots