• FOTP is now Starstorm (4/14/2021) I’ve decided to rename Flight of the Precursors to Starstorm. It sounds much cooler and fits my company’s Storm theme.
  • FOTP Hyperspace Window Jumping (3/28/2021)
  • Blender, Day 4: Perseid Cruiser (4/23/2020) Getting a lot better with Blender, here’s my first actual render and fully UV mapped model using the program. The Perseid Cruiser!
  • Blender, Day 3, and Perseids (4/19/2020) Day 3: More ships, same line, Perseids are now a race from Gamma Persei. Getting a lot more used to Blender, more beatdowns of the internals have helped.
  • This is an interesting bug… how the hell (3/24/2020)
  • FOTP: Time To Roll Out The Big Guns (10/25/2019) Previously the turrets in FOTP were generally quite small, as turrets go. Things like dual beam arrays, or single pulse cannons, or even flak defense guns. No longer. It’s time for the big boys to come out to play.
  • FOTP: Smol Shipping Vessels (10/20/2019) Introducing the Shipping Vessel’s younger cousin, the Smol Shipping Vessel! (name pending)
  • FOTP: Precursor Mothership (10/15/2019) As the previous post said the Precursor ships are receiving a makeover. The Mothership is by no means left out of this, as you can see here. This makeover comes with a standardization of their design language and also a common texture instead of the multiple different textures for each ship previously used.
  • FOTP: Precursor Cruiser (10/14/2019) This is the Precursor Cruiser. Its old version was previously on the FOTP page. It has received a huge makeover and the other Precursor ships will be following suit soon.
  • FOTP: Zeus Science Vessel Update (10/11/2019) The Zeus Science Vessel has been updated to match the other Terran military ships.

Ships and Screenshots