Rockets is the game I was working on before Starstorm. I still occasionally mess around with it, tweak some code and such, but my main focus is FOTP. Regardless, it is an example of my newer work quality than my other games which were written long ago.

Rockets Development Preview [v2.2.2]

The current version is 2.2.2, which is a VERY developmental build.

Controls (note, the controls in the instructions DO NOT WORK):

Left Click – Fire a rocket

Right Click – Fire a Tracer (a rocket-like device which will plot a given path)

B – Spawn Ship

U – Dock Ship when next to Turret

G – Use Ship Tractor Beam (broken currently)

WAD – Control Ship

E – Self-Destruct Rocket

C – Change Camera Zoom Level

RTSP – Change Camera Target (R is for rockets which is buggy! It will likely freeze the camera! Just hit escape and start a new game if this happens!)

ESC, E, and Arrow Keys – Navigate Menus