Troll Explorer

A side-scrolling shooter which follows your mouse. Not a lot of content yet. You can use spacebar to swap weapons, but it is a little glitchy atm.

Troll Explorer


A remake of my first ever game maker game, which has been lost to the flow of time. The original Tanker Supreme was created in 2007, when I was first learning how to use Game Maker. I can say in good conscience that the revival is much better than the original, while still capturing the essence of it. Tanker Supreme is based upon the 1945 Engine, but a lot of code has been changed, modified, and excluded by me. I will eventually create my own background music, sounds, and fully replace the sprites.

Tanker Supreme Revival 2.2

Fleet Commander

In this game you can blow off steam by engaging in massive starship battles. the buttons in the main menu determine the size of the fleets. Hit go when you are ready to fight!

Version 14.2 Notes:

  • Rewrote entire game code.
  • Cleaned up tons of old, dead, useless, and file size increasing shit.
  • Added Beam State Lasers into game.
  • Made gunships lag less.
  • Fixed Motherbase rotation and hitbox bug.

Fleet Commander 14.2

Earth Defense

Second generation version of the Earth Defense Game i began working on at the beginning of 2009. lots more features added, still a few bugs. Considering changing the name to Solar Defense (for the solar system) instructions not ingame yet: m to fire missles if you have them, right click to fire the laser satellite in the moon and saturn levels.

Earth Defense 1.8.1

Tanks V2

something quickly whipped together….

Tanks 2.0

Tower Defense One

A fun little game in which you have to stop enemies from reaching the end of the path. You have a selection of 5 turret types to choose from. I managed to survive to wave 86! 5 different enemy types! This is based off a tutorial made by athanatos. TY athan for providing this tut to the community. It is the best TD tut i’ve ever seen.

Tower Defense One 1.0

Pop Ze Bubbles

A fun little game where you have to pop the bubbles before time runs out!


  • Left click to pop a bubble
  • Right click on a bumper (little rotating red thing) to drag it around. Bubbles bounce off these.

Three modes: Easy, Medium, & Hard.

Pop Ze Bubbles 1.0


One game among the many I have made. Great graphics and gameplay, and the beginning of my fascination with powerups. This is the earliest game I still have the code for.

Annihilation 1.0