The Sa-Matra was destroyed in 2158 by Zelnick Rezal, your father, the Hero of the Alliance of Free Stars. He and your mother, Talana Iriel, quickly married and had a child afterwards. Zelnick and Talana are retired, and have left their legacy to you; Jamy Rezal, captain of the first Earth starship blended with Precursor technology, the Procyon. It is July 16th, 2180, and the Procyon is finally completed. Her maiden voyage is to take place in under an hour, and everything needed is on board. Her crew is the most capable the Alliance can muster, and is a feat of engineering to behold. The Chmmr on Earth Starbase are a little restless, and cannot explain it; they feel a disturbance in the force, but this is not going to delay the launch. You say goodbye to your parents, who wish you luck; you transport over to the Procyon.

The Alliance of Free Stars has spent the last 22 years rebuilding after the events of the Ur-Quan invasion, but Earth got back on it’s feet incredibly quickly. The new questions on everyone’s minds are “What are the rainbow worlds for? Why do they point toward the galactic core?” The Procyon is the first starship capable of reaching the inner sector, as all previous ships were torn asunder by the gravitational forces of the Galactic Singularity at the center of the Milky Way. The mission you now embark upon is to find the Precursors; to trace their path to the galactic core, to find them!

The Procyon slides out of space dock, ready to take on the universe. All is well until you enter Hyperspace. The second you do, however, you lose control of the ship! The Precursor circuits have taken over, and have plotted a new course! The Procyon is headed for the exact center of the sector!

Once you arrive there, nothing appears on sensors. The Precursor circuits have rescinded their control of the ship back to your crew, except for the engines. You appear to be adrift in space. There is no star here, there are no planets. The area of space is literally a dead zone. Your sensor officer pipes up; something is showing up on the sensors! It appears to be an endpoint of a quantum singularity; A wormhole has opened up! The wormhole envelops the Procyon, and you hurtle toward the center of the galaxy…