Rapid Operation Unsigned Transport Emulator: Resurgence

A Tower Defense-ish, Puzzle-ish, router simulator.

The Sequel to R.O.U.T.E.

Now in 3D



ROUTER Indev Build 1.4.6
ROUTER Indev Build 1.4.6
Size: 119MB
Version: v1.4.6


  • ROUTER 1.5 WIP 2022-1-5 (1/5/2022)
  • ROUTER InDev Build 1 Testing Round 1 (2/13/2020) Soon as I have a few peeps and I’m actually awake, testing of ROUTER InDev Build 1 shall commence. Join my Discord server, or head over to my Twitch stream and follow it, to know when the cool things are going down! For ease of access: Discord: Twitch:


WIP Screenshots

WIP Mini Videos